The Booster Club has been made aware that the 2024-2025 school year will have increased prices for athletic events in an effort to keep up with rising operating costs. This increase is due to higher pay for our security and officials as well as increased costs of maintenance and equipment.

Due to this increase, the Booster Club has been forced to increase the prices of our Booster Pass subscriptions to help offset this significant change in cost. All current subscribers will see the new prices reflected in your auto-renewal on August 1st.

Keep in mind that Princeton Middle/High School has a significantly higher number of athletic events compared to most high schools or middle schools due to being a combined 6th-12th grade program.

At the increased rate, if an individual were to attend every home event that Princeton Middle/High offers, it would cost $725. For a family of 4, this would cost $2,900!

The changes to our sponsorship options are as follows:

  • Individual (1): $250 ($725 value)
  • Family (4): $750 ($2,900 value)
  • Super Booster (6): $1,000 ($4,350 value)
  • Corporate Booster (8): $1,250 ($5,800 value)

Even with the increased prices, the Booster Passes offer a significant costs savings of:

  • Individual: $475 savings
  • Family: $2,150 savings
  • Super Booster: $3,350 savings
  • Corporate Booster: $4,550 savings

If attending all the home events that Princeton hosts.

We would remind everyone that while the Booster Pass Sponsorships serve as a friendly way to get into events at a savings, they are also our primary way to support the student athletes at Princeton. They need support both financially and visually, seeing their family, friends and classmates at their events, cheering them on for their efforts. These “savings” are a way for us to thank you for your continued support of Princeton Athletics as well as offer you an affordable way to fully support our student-athletes. Without your support, we would not be able to provide new uniforms, concessions, activity buses, facility and equipment upgrades, scholarships, and much more. We greatly appreciate your understanding and would love to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to your continued support of our student athletes.

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